Problem with getting hardware information on network machine (not in domain)

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Feb 16, 2011, 1:01:29 PM2/16/11
The task is: to get hardware information from network machines via site, where I send IP address of the machine as URL parameter.
I also use basic authentication type to ensure only 'right guy' will
be able to see this info after he enters credentials from that machine
into popped login box.

The problem: machines are available via remote desktop and have the
same admin password (I know admin password), but they are not a part
of domain - so I can't get neither PerformanceCounter nor
ManagementObject working - they all require these machines to be a
part of domain!

How to solve this??


Feb 17, 2011, 3:51:20 AM2/17/11
The problem is solved. It appeared, that indicating loginname and
password in ConnectionOptions DOES work, but I didn't do
managementScope.Connect() and used wrong quotes. However, error
message confused me: it told me about denied access and
authentication problems...
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