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How to get performance extracting data from Project Management system

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Jul 22, 2004, 5:23:20 AM7/22/04
Please help me make a good or at least better descicion on how to tackle
the following issue.

I have to extract data from a project management system using a supplied
SDK (and specific ODBC driver) (Backend is a sql-server but unfortunatly
the SDK builds some virtual tables and do some calculations so I can't
access the tables directly).

Getting data:
I'm getting the data using VB.NET SDK and specific ODBC driver (have to
use ADO), then I convert it to a dataset (to perform some inmemory
manipulations later).
When I supply (update) a project id to this SDK I get the possiblity to
access resources, activites, costs etc related to this specific
project(it build these tables virtually, by running a trace on
sql-server I've seen that it get's a lot of data and then performs som
internal manipulations to create the tables).

Manipulating and saving data 1.
So when I've got let's say three of these "virtual" tables data I have
to join them using their primary keys (the sdk doesn't let me join as
many tables as I want directly in a question). I've tried doing this in
a couple of ways.
(1. inserting data into temporay tables (and also persistent tables) in
sql-server and then joining them, 2. I've also tried using Helper
classes to join datasets directly). Both ways work but takes time. The
joined result from these tables is to be saved in sql-server in a kind
of history table. I've done this by looping through dataset and
inserting using the MS Data Application Block, and ADO.NET

Manipulating data 2
Then I have to summarize this data and save into another table. I've
done this by using the data in sql-server or by summarizing values of
the dataset. This have been done with VB.NET and ADO.NET

When client starts this little app that I wrote they can choose projects
to be included from within a list that means that the process above can
be repeated for a lot of projects (let's say 100).
So performance is slow, since it will not be done everyday it's not the
most critical point but it sure feels bad writing an app with such bad
Another thing id like some advice on is how to tackle the possibility
that the network goes done during one of these lengthy operations,
suggestions ?

Depending on size of projects the individual tables mentioned above can
have from 100 to 100 000 (activites) of posts so inserts and handling
the data is crucial for performance, all suggestions on improving
solution is apppreciated

-Thanks in advance


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