Help required for SD Driver Stack: Issue all supported eMMC commands from the application to the eMMC device.

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rakendra thapa

Dec 6, 2016, 4:01:30 AM12/6/16

Preface of the issue:
I built a lower filter driver to SCSIAdapater class driver. The driver has an open interface to SD Bus library and can call SD Bus Library routines.
The application can issue IOCTLs to this driver.
Using standard SD stack and SD Bus library, I was able to send many eMMC Commands successfully.

Though some commands were successful, but many commands failed with error like ACCESS_DENIED.

Expected Output:
All eMMC commands supported by eMMC can be issued to the eMMC via SD Bus Library call.

Root cause:
Observing from the Event Logs and the Driver logs, the commands never reached eMMC and were failed by SdBus Library.

Request / Help required:
• Why the eMMC Commands are getting failed by SdBus library with ACCESS_DENIED error ?
• Is it possible to implement issuing of all the supported eMMC Commands from the driver via SdBus library ?
If yes, what things I might be missing ?

Thanks and Regards,
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