How to send and receive 802.1p tagged packet ?

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Mar 21, 2017, 11:56:11 AM3/21/17
I am trying to pass 2c_priority test for Windows HLK certification . Here HLK will send 802.1p priority with Directed packets . I didn't handle any frames with 802.1p on NET_BUFFER_LIST . When HLK send packets , i can see 802.1p support with

NdisPacket8021qInfo.Value = NET_BUFFER_LIST_INFO(NetBufferList, Ieee8021QNetBufferListInfo);

I am getting values NdisPacket8021qInfo.Value when send. I think HLK will add and insert all the header inside Ethernet frames . Isn't ?

But when i receive NE_BUFFER_LIST . I can not see any data in OOB field . I am getting zero .

NdisPacket8021qInfo.Value = NET_BUFFER_LIST_INFO(NetBufferList, Ieee8021QNetBufferListInfo);

Here i am getting NdisPacket8021qInfo.Value = 0 .

My doubts are :

1 . should i manually insert tag header to ethernet or HLK will insert that ?
2 . When send i can see data in OOB field , but on receive i can't see that values . why ?
3 . How can i get the priority values from received NET_BUFFER_LIST ?

I am using virtual miniport driver with a Filter driver bind on each physical adapter . So here virtual miniport act as dummy . All the traffic is received via

Physical NIC ---> Filter ---> OS

I am trying to handle this 802.1p frames inside filter send/receive function . Is this correct way ?
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