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Taking Print Copy

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Pradeep Gupta

Nov 11, 2020, 12:36:57 AM11/11/20
Hi All group members,
This is my first post in this group.
I am not a device driver development guy.
I am currently building a solution where in one of the module i am requiring to take out print copy in a file and process it.

In details, If i am giving a print from any of my application, it should go to the printer as it is like today. But along with that i need to save a print copy in a file may be in pdf or image in the same format and paper settings as it is printed in the printer.
I was taking a look on virtual printers available like Win2PDF or ClawPDF or PDF24 but these virtual printers apply their own paper settings and in the action they usually first save and then send the file to the printer. But the printer which i am having is the thermal printer which doesn't understands PDF.

What I need is print and save option rather than save and print. Is there any tool or utility which can be employ to get this done or is there any way this can be achieve by developing a customized solution?

Looking for the help from group members here.
Thanks & Regards,
Pradeep Gupta
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