Strange sybase ODBC connection issues on WIN Server 2008 R2 x64

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Nov 12, 2013, 10:52:24 AM11/12/13
Hi all,
I have a very strange issue. I'm using on WIN Server 2008 R2 x64 a program, that needs to collect data from 2 databases, that are on 2 different servers via ODBC. I have set the 2 ODBC connections in ODBC Data Source Administrator and when I tested the connection in ODBC Query tool, it worked. Then I wanted to setup the 2 ODBC connections in the program for collecting the data, But I'm not able to get both collectors working. When creating the collector, I choose one of the locations, but whatever I choose, it is always connecting to the server that I used in the ODBC query tool as the last one. So if I connect via ODBC query tool to the server nr.1, then I am able to create the collector, that collects from the server nr.1. But when I then go and try to create the second collector and I choose the server nr.2, it still attempts to connect to the server nr.1 although I choose the server nr.2 to connect. And when I then go to ODBC query tool and just connect to the server nr.2 by typing the IP manually, then I'm able to create the collector for the server nr.2. Then both collector are working fine, but every morning there is a reboot of the collectors and after the reboot both collector try to connect to the server, that I used in the ODBC query tool as the last one. That means, that only one of the collector connects and the second one won't connect, until I connect to the server in ODBC query tool manually. It is anoying to play with it everyday morning to get it working. :-/

So my question is, why the program doesn't connect to the server that is set in the configuration of each collector, but it connects to the in ODBC query tool last used server. In the ODBC query tool I have the same issue, that when I want to connect, it shows the 2 possible connections, that I have set in the ODBC Admin/Server DSN and if I choose any of the 2 connections it connects to the IP, that I used as the last one. So I have to modify the IP manually.

Thanks a lot for any suggestions and help!

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