Big Bertha Thing astronomy

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Tony Lance

Nov 7, 2011, 12:44:09 PM11/7/11
Big Bertha Thing astronomy
Cosmic Ray Series
Possible Real World System Constructs
Access page to 600K ZIP file
Astrophysics net ring access site
Newsgroup Reviews including sci.astro.amateur

Postings potentially suitable for fowarding to SRF Classical Astronomy

OUSA Research moderator gone missing
OUSA Astrology moderator gone missing
NOUS VOUS downgraded to OUSA VOUS
C-in-C winning side 1st and 2nd battles of cyberspace,
not yet reinstated.
Vice-chancellors heads should roll.

Big Bertha Thing ME

There is no test for ME, no diagnosis.
It is just a process of elimination.
So a doctor, who does not believe
Is just as right as one who does.
Where does this leave the hot and tired,
Pole-axed, without a leg to stand on victim?
The incidental pain of disbelief
Is compounded by the length of the chain.
Each link forged by an unshakeable lack.
Cigarettes were once not linked to cancer.
CJD was not linked to mad cows.
Crack nicotine cigarettes not branded by makers.
Pity the child taken into care for being ill.
A taxi used less and less cannot be justified.
Cancel a taxi because there are no medical grounds.
Attendance at school is purely subjective,
It depends on how the child feels getting up.
A medical note can improve exam marks.
DHSS guidelines believe in ME, at last!

Complex numbers can solve all the roots of polynomials to N powers.
Collapse numbers can count all the polka dots on any polygon exactly.

NB Google used smtp filter on following posting:-
Calculate PI upto 3000 decimal places (free software) extended
Posted: Nov 3, 2009 12:36 PM
Discussion: sci.math

Tony Lance
Hi Tony T.,
The following may go some way to shed light on the problem.

From: Tony Lance <>
Date: Sun, 04 Sep 2011 09:07:34 -0700
Local: Sun, Sep 4 2011 5:07 pm
Subject: Big Bertha Thing Deaf
Hi Kevin John,
That goes for Kevin whats-his-face too.
Now let me get this straight, you are not corporate sponsered.
Microsoft has already pushed the button to close this newsgroup.
It was a dud. It was sitting there in public and nobody could
resist pushing the button, so they had to disable it.
Microsoft wants your postings on its proprietary newsgroup.
They have spammed 500 newsgroups with closure notices.
They lost their anti-trust case and nobody did an ATT&T on them.
US government bust proof and indestructable.

NB My previous two postings contain 3 copy postings which were

From: Tony Lance <>
Newsgroups: swnet.sci.astro,
Subject: Big Bertha Thing Extract
Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2007 19:03:45 +0100

Big Bertha Thing Deaf

One day God woke up, deaf-as-a-post. He could not hear anyone
speaking. Nothing, dinada, zilch, not even one line e-mail.
Fortunately it only lasted 6 days and He managed to keep himself

A PPT takes 6 hours people time, 18 hours computer time. It just
seems longer.
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From: Tony Toews <>
Date: Sep 4, 9:42 pm
Subject: Big Bertha Thing Chair
To: microsoft.public.access.queries

On Sep 4, 9:42 pm, Tony Toews <> wrote:
> Go away.  Your posting is not relevant to these newsgroups.
> Tony
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