Crystal APS doesn't start

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23 dec. 2004 16:17:0723-12-2004
MS CRM 1.2 on MS SBS 2003 SQL 2000 on same box.

Get the typical license error when I try to run reports in CRM, have tried
to change logon accounts for CRM Security, Crystal APS, and Crystal Page
Server. The Crystal APS service just will not start. Below is my Event

Event Type: Error
Event Source: Crystal_CrystalAPS
Event Category: Services
Event ID: 35101
Date: 12/23/2004
Time: 4:03:56 PM
User: N/A
The root server reported an error Initialization Failure. (Reason: An
unexpected problem (exception) happened. Reason given: The port number
specified for the server is already in use., The server has problems using
TCP/IP. The port number you are using is probably already in use..).

Alfred Göbel (MS)

30 dec. 2004 07:47:0730-12-2004

could it be, that you have to reinstall the APS? I have added the article
how to do it.

Please check it.

How to rebuild the Crystal APS database in Microsoft?
ID: 862678.KB.EN-US CREATED: 2004-02-27 MODIFIED: 2004-08-31
The information in this article applies to:

- Microsoft CRM 1.2 Reports


This article discusses how to rebuild the Crystal APS database. Follow these
steps if the database has become corrupted in version 1.2 of Microsoft CRM.


Before you follow these steps, perform a back up of any custom reports. The
following steps will remove all reports from the database. Any custom
reports must be saved into Microsoft CRM after the process is completed.

1. A log file named addlicenskey.log exists in the Temp folder for the user
who installed Microsoft CRM. This is typically located at c:\Documents and
Settings\<Installing User>\Local Settings\Temp. Open this file to obtain
the license key for this installation. You must have this key in step

If you do not see this log file, see step 4 to obtain the license key from
the APS_InfoObjects2 table under the ObjName column.

Note: If you cannot see the Local Settings folder, enable hidden files and
folders. Click
"FolderOptions" on the
"Tools" menu, click the
"View" tab, and select the option
"Show hidden files and folders".

2. Click
"Start", point to
"Programs", point to
"Microsoft SQL Server", and then click
"Enterprise Manager".

3. Expand
"Microsoft SQL Servers", expand
"SQL Server Group", expand the
"instance of SQL Server", expand
"Databases", expand
"Organization_Name_CRMCRYSTAL", and select

4. Find the APS_IdNumbers2 table. If the license key was not found in step
one, open the
"APS_InfoObjects2" table in SQL Enterprise Manager. Right-click the
"APS_InfoObjects2" table, point to
"Open Table" and select
"Return All Rows". Under the
"ObjName column" the license key will exist in the following format:
{00000-0000000-0000000}. Save this value in Notepad or another location
that can be referenced later. This is the Crystal APS license key. Close
the APS_InfoObjects2 table.

Find the "APS_IdNumbers2" and "APS_InfoObjects2" tables. Right-click each
table and then click
"Delete". Select to drop the tables when prompted.

5. Click
"Start", point to
"Programs", point to
"Crystal Enterprise 9", and then click
"Crystal Configuration Manager (CCM)".

6. Right-click the
"Crystal APS Service" and then click

7. Right-click the
"Crystal APS Service" and then click
"Properties". Select the
"Configuration" tab on the Crystal APS Properties dialog box. You may
receive the following error message:

"Failed to retrieve cluster name for the database. Reason: Database
Access Failure.."

Click OK if this message appears.

8. Click "Specify". Select "Recreate the current Data Source"and click "OK".
Click "Yes" to confirm that you want to continue.

9. Right-click the
"Crystal APS Service" and then click
"Restart". Restart all the other Crystal services.

Important: Wait one minute before the next step.

10. Open a command prompt. Click
"Start", click
"Run", type
"cmd" (without the quotation marks) and then click

11. Type "cd
"c:\program files\microsoft crm\crystal decisions\enterprise 9\win32_x86""
(without the quotation marks) and press "enter".

12. Type
"addlicensekey.js /License <license key identified in step 1>" (without the
quotation marks) and press "enter".

13. The addlicensekey.log file will be recreated in the Temp folder of the
current user. Open the log file and look for errors. If there are errors,
contact Microsoft CRM Support.
Click the following link to log a support request

"Restart" the
"Crystal APS Service" from the Crystal Configuration Manager (CCM).

Important: Wait one minute before the next step.

15. On the CCM click
"Enable/Disable Servers".

16. Type
"Administrator" (without the quotation marks) as the User. Enter the
correct APS
"Password" (without the quotation marks) (default is blank) and then click

17. Click
"Enable All" and then click

18. Publish the standard reports using the version 1.2 Crystal Report
Toolkit. Visit the following Microsoft Business Solutions Web site to
obtain the Toolkit:

There is a readme document included for instructions on how to use the

Otherwise, if this doesn´t help, pleas open a case at the MSCRM support.

Ich hoffe, das hilft / I hope, this helps.

Freundliche Grüsse,
Alfred Göbel (MS)

(Microsoft kann für die Richtigkeit und Vollständigkeit der Inhalte in
dieser Newsgroup keine Haftung übernehmen.)

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