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MS Access Hyperlink Question

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Aug 7, 2017, 9:33:22 AM8/7/17
Hello! I am able to successfully combine a list of document files (pdfs) with the UNC path where they are located into an MS Access 2016 Hyperlink field.

So it looks like this:

HyperName HyperLink
Alpha \\MyServer\MyShare\Alpha.pdf
Bravo \\MyServer\MyShare\Bravo.pdf
Charley \\MyServer\MyShare\Charley.pdf

I noticed in MS Access 2016 when you right-click a HyperLink data type there is an option Hyperlink -- That gives you the option to Edit the Hyperlink.

What's interesting is that the only thing that is filled out is the "Text to display" The Address is left blank.

So if I edit one, and copy what is in Text to display and paste it into the Address. Then I can modify the Text to display to anything I want to put in there.

Is there a way to programmatically (using VBA preferably) do the following for the column of hyperlinks:

1. Copy what is in "Text to display" to the Address of hyperlink properties.
2. Replace what is "Text to display" with a value from another column (i.e., HyperName)

Any help or how-to links greatly appreciated!



Aug 10, 2017, 10:55:29 PM8/10/17
It turns out the way to populate Text to display and the Address of a hyperlink column is actually pretty simple.

Just write this format to the column in this format:

[Text to display]#\\MyServer\D$\MyDirectory\test.txt#


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