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Sep 26, 2014, 4:37:22 PM9/26/14
I have an Inventory database. We want to take a bill of Materials/Parts List, and match it up against our Inventory table, and issue parts to fulfill the lines on the parts list. SO-

Table 1- JobDetail (Partno, Desc, Qty, QtyFilled, Sect, SubSect)

Table 2- JDPtrBL (Partno, Sect, Subsect, BinRow, BinShelf, Bin, Pref)
<----------- ----------->
This side points up These point down to the
at the detail Line Binlocation Table

Table 3- BinLocation (Partno, OnHand, BinRow, BinShelf, Bin)

Hope this makes some sense, and it's still in a proportionally spaced font!

What I'm trying to make then is a form that will allow me to go down the JobDetail, and Update any Attached Binlocation OnHand Values they find. I don't even need to see the JDPtrBL table, Because the edits the user will do are either to the JobDetail QtyFilled, or to the Binlocation OnHand.

This idea I had of linking the Many-to-Many records in the JobDetail and in Binlocation using a pointer file to say which Binlocations attach to which detail line seemed like a great idea at the time, Except Multiple nested subforms don't seem to do the trick.

Am I missing something? The first form for JobDetail won't let me set continuous forms, but even if I had to have the user scroll through them one by one, the two nested subforms for JDptrBL into BinLocation seem very unwieldy, and no matter how I format them they don't seem to work right.

Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance! You guys always have pulled my Programming Bacon out of the fire multiples of times!!


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