Link Child/Master fields in ADP do not work if not integer.

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Mar 1, 2004, 5:32:03 PM3/1/04
I'm upsizing MDB to ADP and have a form with subforms where Link
Master/Child fields are numeric but not integer-scale greater than
zero. The field is defined as numeric(28.2).
However Access doesn't recognize scale and generate incorrect SQL
statements, eg
exec sp_executesql N'SELECT * FROM "dbo"."PickSlipOverdues" WHERE
((@P1 = "PatronID"))', N'@P1 numeric(28)', 7
instead of correct , N'@P1 numeric(28.2)', 7.01
As a result join doesn't work and subform is not populated.
The parent form is bound to the table with primary field defined as
numeric(28.2), child subforms are bound to the view or select
statements that has the same link field definition -numeric(28.2)

Is any way to force MS Access XP to recognize scale or it is a bug?

Michael Freidgeim

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