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Liam Murphy

Apr 17, 2012, 1:52:09 PM4/17/12
I have been able to export data from a query into excel, and have formatted the data in Excel so it looks pretty, and I can sort by various means, the problem is that when
I add any data into access which would create a new row in Excel, I then get an error when I try to export again. How do I fix this?

The format I have is I have approx. 45 columns that get transferred (each is it's own field in Access), and each row is a month and year, as well as where the data came from for that date.
Each column is a count of data for each row, and then I use that to come up with percentages, and various totals. Problem is that if I have new data that comes from either a date
that I didn't have before, or a new source for data from the date, it adds a new row and Excel becomes very unhappy. The specific error is
"Excel found unreadable content in 'xxxx.xlsx'. Do you want to recover the contents of this workbook? If you trust the source of this workbook, click Yes."

Clicking yes brings up the formatting I had set, but with no data. It seems that adding new rows has caused Excel not to recognize the data, instead of just being smart and adding new rows.

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