Access 2000 runtime error

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John Winterbottom

Aug 30, 1999, 3:00:00 AM8/30/99

I have a compiled Access 2000 database that runs perfectly under the full
version but fails when I use the /runtime switch. What happens is, you get
past the logon screen to the start-up form, but as soon as you try to open
any other form or report you get the message "execution of this application
has stopped due to a run-time error - the application will be terminated"

If anyone has any ideas I would be very grateful.

IT-Care Automatiseringsondersteuning

Aug 31, 1999, 3:00:00 AM8/31/99

Hey Yohn,

I couldnt help but to add my question from a few days ago,
on wich i get NO reply. I will reply to u since i solved my problem.

I had exactly the same error occurring with same situation and it
turned out that i had some invalid references or a invalid combination
of such.

What u can try therefore is to not include any reference library that
u dont use or try switching the references off one by one.

Also do a full uninstall of your application (no need to deinstall the
runtime though) with REMOVAL OF ALL FILES your application was using
makeing sure there are no conflicting files left on clientcomputer.

Example references :

- Package and Deployment Wizard
- Microsoft Acces 9.0 Object library
- etc ...

Maybe we can in future pinpoint the faulty one ...

Also,, if u DO need the faulty referencelibrary however,
maybe then u must upgrade to Windows98 - Second Edition???


let me know through group if it helped you ...

Frank van het Groenewoud
[IT-Care Automatiseringsondersteuning]


I have developed an application using Access 2000 and want to
distribute this application to my customer as a runtime application. I
used the package and deployment wizard to include the runtimemodules.

I tested my package on my own system (W95/OSR2), using the full access
2000 version and the runtime option, it worked just fine.

When I installed the runtime application at the customer site on two
other systems (W98), the installation went ok.

When I opened a form following error occured:

Execution of this application has stopped due to a runtime error, the
application cant continue and will shut down.

Then the application crashes to the desktop. To see if there was error
in my coding I installed the full Access2000 version and developer
tools on the clientcomputer .

After install the full Access crashed also to the desktop with an
message that there were missing registry entries, running the setup
should solve the problem. After running the setup for the second time
it still gave the same error.

Both systems had IE5 installed.


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