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Gregg Churchill

Nov 21, 2020, 11:20:36 AM11/21/20
to Microsoft Money
I performed the following procedure in an effort to clear an existing balance on a credit card account that was closed in 2018, unfortunately the balance remained:

1.Open a new Notepad file, and paste the following six lines
between the delimiter lines below into the file.  Save the file as

============begin ClearBalance.QIF==========================
PRemove Balance
MUsed to remove the balance
============end ClearBalance.QIF==========================

2.  Change the date on the line that starts with 'D' to a date
later than the reported last download in the register.  Today's
date should work.  The date format depends on your Windows regional

3.  Save the File->SaveAs the file "ClearBalance.QIF" in the same
folder as your *.mny file.

4.  Open Money, and File->Import->Downloaded Statement.  Select
ClearBalance.QIF and click Import.  Money will ask which account
(or to make a new account).  Select the account you wish to clear
the Downloaded Date from, and click Next, then OK.

5.Do not process the statement as you would a regular statement.
Instead go to the Account List and right-click where it says
"Transactions to read:1" for the account that you imported into.
Choose DeleteStatement.

Bob Smiley

Nov 21, 2020, 3:24:06 PM11/21/20
to Microsoft Money
There are two "balances" that people report on. One is a Download Balance shown in the left pane in the register and listed as the "Bank Balance" in the Account List. The other is the running balance in the register and listed as the "Adjusted Balance" in the account list.

The method you show only affects the download (Bank) balance. If you want the register to be zeroed out (Adjusted Balance), you need to add a transaction equal to and opposite of the last shown balance.

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