Canadian user, Money '06 - transactions for *some* account have stopped showing up

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Ron Smith

Dec 19, 2020, 10:21:20 AM12/19/20
to Microsoft Money
Hey all - new member
I've got a weird issue that's cropped up. I have for the last 10+ years been downloading .ofx files directly from my online banking sites (RBC, BMO, TD/MBNA, Tangerine, Canadian Tire Bank) and importing them into money without issue. As of last month, for ALL BUT ONE account, while Money imports the files without complaint, and updates the bank balance, NONE of the transactions are showing up in the register.

The one account that continues to work is my RBC Visa. Of interest: this is the only bank where I have more than one account, being my Visa and chequing. Visa always works, whether I download on it's own, or along with the chequing account. Other credit cards (mastercards at BMO, MBNA and Cdn Tire) exhibit the issue, though.

I'm using Money '06, as IIRC the sunset version did not have support for Canadian users. For all the .ofx files in question, I've run Microsoft OFX Analyzer with no issues found, with the exception of the MBNA file ("ERROR -- File not found, File empty, Out of Memory, or Unknown Parse Failure")

Anyone else having a similar issue?

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Dec 19, 2020, 11:01:24 AM12/19/20
to Microsoft Money
Hi Ron

> updates the bank balance, NONE of the transactions are showing up in the register.

How bank balance is updated if transactions are not added to the register?

One approach for testing is to start with a new money file (copy of Sample or start a new one) and import the one OFX that most likely has at least one transaction (either Cdn Tire or mastercards at BMO. Let's ignore MBNA for now since OFX Analyzer does not like it). See if money will prompt you to associate the OFX to an account and if transactions are showing up.

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William Becker

Dec 19, 2020, 11:13:31 AM12/19/20
to Microsoft Money
In addition to hleofxquotes suggestion, I would have a look at the downloaded ofx files and verify that the transactions all have unique FTID values.  Money won't import a transaction if there is already a transaction with the same FTID.  If you don't have an OFX viewer, here is a good one:

Ron Smith

Dec 20, 2020, 9:47:23 AM12/20/20
to Microsoft Money
Hey hleofxquote,

By "bank balance is updated" I meant in the statements window, where it shows bank balance vs local balance. In looking into your suggestion, I came across File/Repair Money File, and since your idea suggests there may be something wrong with the file, I tried the "standard repair". Nothing was reported and when I clicked to view the  repair log I got "file not found". Not sure if that's typical. In any event, I opened the 'repaired' file and was able to import the transactions!

Thanks so much

Joe H

Dec 21, 2020, 1:23:04 AM12/21/20
to Microsoft Money
I have had this issue in the past.  What I noticed is that you could click on the account in MS Money, and in the left hand column under "Downloaded," it would show the proper number of items to review, but no items would show up in the register.  I don't know what causes this breakage, but it wasn't something that would fix itself on its own. 

I also had to do the repair function to get it to work, but sometimes even that didn't help and I'd have to go back to an older saved version.  So yet another reason to make sure you back-up your working copy!
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