getting problem in skype with the new kernel on ubuntu 9.10 - 64 bit

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Jan 19, 2010, 8:57:00 PM1/19/10
to microdia
Since the lastest kernel i'm getting problem on skype when i need to
activate the webcam. sometime restarting skyp or the computer when i
check in option the webcam is working, but in those case there is no
I think is maybe a conflict problem with audio ? now what i can do ?

Thank you for any help


Jan 21, 2010, 8:22:56 AM1/21/10
to microdia
ok rereading i think to have not well explained my problem. i retry
i have a webcam 0c45:624f Microdia PC Camera (SN9C201 + OV9650) ,
Ubuntu 9.10 64 bit, uname -r 2.6.31-18-generic.
Under ekiga the image from webcam is really good. In canforama i'm
getting an error windows "Unable to capture image".
Under skype the problem is that if audio is working the webcam give a
green square. If the webcam works there is an audio problem.
Until some months ago i was need follow the procedure to build the
driver and preload the 32 bit vl4 as shown in microdia group.
Since the driver is added in the newest kernel the webcam was working
well until some weeks ago. Under skype doesn' want to start.
Do i have to pre - load something to run without problem ? .maybe now
the vl4 for 64 bit ?


Jan 21, 2010, 7:30:06 PM1/21/10
to microdia
ok just to let the community know that i got the solution going on

I build a script then i put the instruction as shown in the link.
Take care


Jan 22, 2010, 8:50:18 AM1/22/10
to microdia
I am having this very same problem but with another webcam using a
completely different driver.

I recently bought a webcam from walmart called Retail Plus+ 5
megapixel, it uses the sn9c20x driver and has the OV7670 sensor

When I use skype, I have three microphones, one built into this
webcam, one built into my laptop, another that I plug into the front
of my laptop.

If I make a phone call with Skype, I can use any of the three
microphones (either the built in one on the webcam, the built in one
on the laptop or the one I plug into the front of the laptop)
However, when I make a video call the same thing happens to me, except
I did figure out how to get one of the three microphones working.

For some reason once the video from my webcam kicks in, Skype forgets
about my laptops internal microphone and the microphone -in jack. The
only one that works for me is when I configure the webcam's internal
microphone. This isn't ideal as the sound is better quality on my
headset but for what ever reason skype kicks out the other mic inputs
except for the one on my Retail Plus+ 5 megapixel webcam (no , it's
not the microdia one, I gave up on my internal Microdia camera a while
ago, I may try the new driver for it later from the GIT).

So, I am getting excellent quality video using this webcam (works
great in low-lighting), however there is the sound glitch, that I have
a workaround for using this particular model.

I am not sure what the problem is, if it's Skype it'self or something
else. I did also have to adjust a skype setting. DO NOT let skype
adjust your audio volume levels, you can adjust them yourself using
the OS sound widgets. You have to tell skype not to do this by going
into options->audio settings (look for a checkbox)

Operating system: Ubuntu 9.10 (up to date as of Jan 22, 2010)
Webcam: Retail Plus+ sn9c20x: OV7670 sensor
Skype version: 2 (something, can't remember, I got it recently)

Hope this helps. I hope to try out the latest microdia drivers for my
internal webcam soon, I got lazy and just bought this one from Walmart
(Retail Plus+ ) and it seems to work really well for only $24,95
Canadian dollars)

It would be nice to get the microphone issue figured out though, it
seems to be a Skype glitch.



Jan 22, 2010, 8:57:21 AM1/22/10
to microdia
Actually correction, I may have been confused by which webcam is the
internal one I have and which is the external one I'm using.

The external one I'm using is:
uvcvideo: Found UVC 1.00 device A4 TECH USB2.0 PC Camera J (0ac8:c40a)
[ 19.538193] input: A4 TECH USB2.0 PC Camera J as /devices/

This one works great, but yes, I have the sound issues and need to use
the internal mic on my A4 TECH USB2.0 PC Camera (0ac8:c40a) and not
the internal sound or my headset as for some reason those don't work
once the video kicks in. It seems like when using skype the webcam
takes over the sound inputs automatically. Perhaps your webcam also
has a built in microphone input.

I should try the new microdia driver and see what happens when I
unplug this other webcam.

I think this is a skype issue, but hard to say.

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