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Jun 13, 2012, 12:37:08 PM6/13/12
to mgwt
mgwt 1.1 will soon be released. Right now we are starting to discuss
which features to implement in mgwt 1.2 and we wanted to get your

Please hightlight issues on the issue tracker that you feel are
important and state why they are important. If there is anything else
feel free to open up issues, we can`t implement what we don`t know.


Adolfo Panizo Touzon

Jun 14, 2012, 4:20:47 AM6/14/12

once again, thank you for your efforts creating mgwt.

In my opinion one really good feature is include new widgets, or improve the actual ones. 

I've attached three images about three of my favourite apps:
Easy jet
You can see a square menu with 4 parts and a tittle.
Also you can find at the top a semi-transpaen header

You can have a good menu design swaping between screens (look at the loading icon, while I am jumping each other).
When you do scroll down, the way to appear new post, are amazing.

It would be really interesting have a CellListWithHeader with the parts, left side (an image ), center (text), right (icon). I know that now is possible have a CellList with widgets (but as I read a few times in the forum, is a heavy widget).

So, I think all this new features is about to create new "menus" and interact them with swaping (Carousel) instead of clicking. 

I know, that is a semi-breakpoint about the mgwt philosofy (create the actual widgets for each platform and allow to use it in GWT, something like, write once and run everywhere), but if the framework, for example,  brings this new widgets, we would create a really good looking apps. 

Doing that, the typical questions... 
With what platform did you this? With mgwt. 
Is possible do it with other framework? Nop.
Sounds good.

At the end, is a personal opinion, so, maybe I am not right, or I am missing something.



P.S I'll take a look the issue tracker later.

2012/6/13 Katharina <>

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2012-06-14 08.47.37.png
2012-06-14 08.48.20.png
2012-06-14 08.48.35.png


Jun 14, 2012, 10:17:58 AM6/14/12

I spend alot of time trying to figure out how to make small and effective changes to my UI.  This is my first mgwt application, so I am still learning, but I had some comments and questions regarding the three applications and mgwt.
1) EasyJet.  This is an attractive UII.  It looks as if it could be accomplished with a FlowPanel with a graphical background, containing buttons with transparent images that conform to panel using flexbox.

2) No comment

3) I think that an easy way to incorporate widgets into lists is a staple of mobile applications.  It is not clear to me how I would accomplish this now with an mgwt cellList.  Any suggestions?

In general, my feeling about mgwt is that most anything is possible, but because there are so few examples, it is a time-consuming process with much custom css and experimentation to get it working. 

 I would like there to be more examples beyond the showcase, (which does not showcase a UI suitable for production application.) Either that or provide more classes and convenience methods for more control over widget appearance.

My own personal requests for mgwt:

1) Better headers.  I have had considerable difficulty applying css styles to the mgwt header.  Would like a way to keep a header constant across views, separate from the Animation/Activity mappers. (Maybe this can be done now?)

2) A way to remove the URL box at top.

3) Widget Lists

I am very happy with mgwt and am thankful for the work done on it.  My general feeling is that as mobile appplications get more sophisticated, user expectations are raised ever higher.  Without clear examples and easier ways to adjust widget appearance, it gets increasingly difficult to develop professional looking UI.


Jun 14, 2012, 10:34:10 AM6/14/12

3) Widget Lists


I see that this exists.  I must have forgotten about it. 

Daniel Kurka

Jun 14, 2012, 11:46:54 AM6/14/12
Hi Adolfo,

1) can be easily made using flow panels and some webkit box magic. we could think of introducing a flexible grid widget.

2) take a look at carousel!

3) you can use more complex cells to build the dropbox ui right now! With a cell you can use any kind of markup that you can style, so if you want to have an icon + text just write a cell to do so!


<2012-06-14 08.47.37.png><2012-06-14 08.48.20.png><2012-06-14 08.48.35.png>

dimitar nenchev

Jun 17, 2012, 11:00:02 AM6/17/12

I would like to see form element validators, supporting different types and custom validations. I have posted issue on the tracker as requested.
I know that all the mgwt have much work to do, i have a few advices for increasing the popularity of the library.
Take example of jsf, primefaces, who write much blog posts on different features, have extremely good showcases and demos. Doing so, attracts potential new developers to use the library, because it is full with examples. 
I am new to mgwt, and don''t know much of all the features it has, because i don't know that they exist and where can i find them.
Yes showcase is a lot of help, but i think that there are much more things.

Thank you for the great work. 


Jun 18, 2012, 8:15:12 PM6/18/12
    I would like to suggest some GRACEFUL DEGRADATION features in the MGWT library. Currently the MGWT user experience on older/low-end mobile devices is very bad (crashing or unusable) due to the limited feature set of their browsers. Windows Phone 7 also has similar issues due to its lack of support for the flexible box. BlackBerry phones are especially bad due to their unpredictable support for touch events in BB webkit browsers. I would like to propose the implementation of two new mgwt.os targets:

mgwt.os = "html4"

The intent of this target would be to provide extremely basic functionality supporting any browser that supports javascript DOM manipulation and html4. I'm not suggesting that we implement all (or even any) the MGWT widgets in this mode, however it would be extremely useful to provide a compile-time target that would allow us to factor out a least common denominator interface that, while not pretty, would provide some minimal functionality for our apps on old/crippled/windows7 phones. In the best of all possible worlds, this target would be configurable so that developers could "dumb-list" specific user-agent strings to fall back to this mode as they are discovered to behave badly with our applications. This could also allow us to extend a subset of MGWT functionality to much older symbian-based devices as well.

mgwt.os = "unsupported"

Maybe a compile-time target is not realistic for this class of devices, but what I'm really reaching for here is the ability to somehow detect that even the "html4" mode is not possible on a given phone, or possibly just match a list of known-to-be-bad user-agent strings and generate a redirect to a localizable "sorry we cannot support your phone" page. This would allow our MGWT apps to gracefully inform the user that their device is not supported rather than the current situation where they typically get some fragment of a page or a blank screen.

Is this possible?


Jun 19, 2012, 2:58:13 AM6/19/12
to mgwt
This sounds like a very good idea. Daniel already this several times
and I actually opened an issue for that:

This would also free us from supporting every new device immediatelly
since they would see a decent page, and with a new release they would
get better support.
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Moiaz jiwani

Jul 31, 2012, 7:56:37 AM7/31/12
Any update on when can we expect new release? In india, we have huge nokia symbian phone presence and MGWT apps do not work on Symbian browsers. 
It would be useful for us if you introduce this feature.

- Moiaz

On Wed, Jun 20, 2012 at 12:24 PM, Moiaz jiwani <> wrote:
I would second Manchild's suggestion. It would be good to support primitive browsers with basic javascript and html specially non-webkit based browsers.

Apart from this, can we have defauld components like 'accordian' also. 
I have seen accordian in JQuery, Flex but it is missing in mgwt.

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