Announcing mgo r2011.04.09, with auth support

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Gustavo Niemeyer

Apr 9, 2011, 1:23:37 PM4/9/11
to golang-nuts,,
Version r2011.04.09 is an important new milestone of the mgo MongoDB
driver for Go:

Here is a summary of changes:

- Authentication support, with great connection pooling integration.

This enables mgo to talk to protected servers and replica sets in a very
comfortable way. Even with a straightforward API, the authentication
is internally cached in a secure way to avoid constant roundtrips to the
database. The use of nonces is also optimized so that logins are usually
performed with a single roundtrip to the database.

For more details, check the relevant API documentation:

- Authentication is also supported through the URL provided to the Mongo
function, in the same way supported by the official drivers from 10gen:

- Several new methods to better support the MongoDB API:

- New gobson functions for generating ObjectIds, by Dmitry Chestnykh:

- New gobson function for working with hex ObjectId representations, also
by Dmitry Chestnykh:

- New *mgo.QueryError type is returned by Query.One and Iter.Next in the
err value in case the resulting document includes the $err key. This
is a common convention used by MongoDB in case of query errors, and
the new behavior integrates well with the common Go conventions for
error handling.

Relevant documentation:

- The Session.Restart method was renamed to Session.Refresh to better
reflect its meaning. The semantics remain the same:

- Improved documentation.

- 30+ new test cases.

Gustavo Niemeyer

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