[My Girlfriend is an Escort] Their Stories, Their Responsibilities? (Part 3)

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Jul 31, 2009, 11:44:47 PM7/31/09
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As a follow-up to my reply, "Mark" sent me the following to clarify a few points, and I'll disclose them in the same spirit as the previous one.

Just some more thoughts. I realize some people might think I used and exploited this girl. But the fact still remains, she is a whore and she did it voluntarily and she is accepting all the risks of it, including pregnancy. It was her responsibility to have birth control. Every other time I would get a whore, I would get blow jobs and one non-negotiable was I would not pay for a blow job if I had to wear a condom and I would always want to cum in their mouth. If they would agree to that, I would ask them to swallow and it is amazing how many of these whores were willing to swallow my load. If the whore did not want me to cum in their mouth, I would lay back, not react to the blow job and then just blow it in their mouth when they were not expecting it. And on quite a few occassions, I would end up blowing my load right down to their stomach. That was always a lot of fun!!

This will be the penultimate post on this series, before I publish some thoughts, now that you've got everything.

(Sorry, realized this was sitting in my "drafts" folder for a while. I simply forgot about it.)

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