[My Girlfriend is an Escort] Their Stories, Their Responsibilities? (Part 2)

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Jul 11, 2009, 10:00:04 AM7/11/09
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I posted yesterday the e-mail a person identified as "Mark" sent me, where he tells me (the vaguely gruesome) story of how he might have gotten pregnant a gullible escort.

I think it's only fair that I post what I answered, as if his e-mails get full transparency, so should mine.

Like I said yesterday in my other post, I don't have that much time for chit-chat and blogging lately, but I took 15 minutes to write an answer. Which maybe wasn't well articulated or anything, and I'll follow up later, but that was what I replied on the moment.

Hey Mark,

Thanks for sharing this.

First things first: I would actually consider you a very low piece of
shit, but anyone is entitled to their opinions, aren't they? And who
am I t judge who you are and what makes you tick?...

Though as part of my personal philosophy, I don't quite believe in
luck, fate or other tricks and believe in people being responsible for
what happens to them. It's like having a terrible relationship with
someone or being a player and screwing girls. You are responsible for
doing it and you could try to be more considerate of course, but the
girls on the other side are partly responsible for being ignorant of
how things run on that side of the mirror.
So I believe that girl in your story pretty much had it coming and I
wouldn't want to inflict a guilt trip on you. Or at least not 100%.
Let just say I'd draw the line at using prostitution services. That's
fine, you have fun. It's still apparently illegal where you are, but
that's 2 consenting adults doing whatever they want. Impregnanting a
girl and getting a kick out of it is a bit over the line though, if
you ask me.

Would you allow me to post this on the blog? After all it's about the
sex-industry in general and the things you encounter. I think it would
be up to the standard to show girls or guy wanting to get into the
business that they can encounter, well, you. Or someone similar.

Also, I guess it serves a purpose as to show you should never trust anyone.

Of course I won't show neither the e-mail address nor the name, and
*if you want me to* I can change details that could help to screen or
identify you. How much you were charged, the number of kids in the
picture, or even the whole picture thing and the vasectomy could be
shortened to hide specifics. After all, I wouldn't like to get an
e-mail from a woman telling me she was that girl and now she'd be
happy to have your information and track you down. (Wait, actually...
That could be a rather comic story with some karmic justice to it...).

A note though: 150 to 200 is a pretty darn low price for an escort,
that's pretty much what you'd be expecting for street prostitution
without any bell and whistle. Not that it means that the girls doing
this are less competent at what they do and knock your socks off, but
you may want to try to experience something more. More professional,
more classy, and more fun, with everything that goes around it for few
hours and not only getting blown.
But that's your call. I wouldn't want to encourage you in keeping
doing this, but I thought hey, maybe he doesn't know. Or that's just
how he likes it.

Let me know if you're fine with me publishing it.
And if you've got other stories, please feel free to share. And don't
worry, I don't publish anything as long as you don't want to. I
consider that if you wanted it done that way, you'd have posted a
comment or told me upfront. I'll be waiting for a green light for



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