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Dec 8, 2009, 7:56:26 PM12/8/09
to MGFIAE - My Girlfriend is An Escort
... to this guy posting on my blog, who's falling for an escort and
seems to be genuinely willing to meet her?

What would you recommend to "rfc11" in the comments on

I am personally a bit torn, because though I can understand him (hey,
I'm dating an escort, I should freaking know!!), I also do understand
the girl's natural tendency for self-preservation... and like I told
him, if I had to give HER advice if she told me some guy wanted to
date her, I'd been sitting between 2 options.

Part of me would tell her "go for it, it's great" because she can
finally find someone understanding and loving and not wanting to
control her despite her job.
Part of me would tell her to put him down gently or to cut him off and
run away if he gets too creepy or if there's the slightest chance he
could ruin her life. And considering there always is... well I might
say just that. The stakes are too high and it's too easy to use
information about her life against her if things go wrong.

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