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Here's the story I told about and linked to in my earlier post about a fake escort agency scam. I quote it here for reference:

2pm got a call from a guy claiming to work for an agency.
Said his name was Michael
This guy was very well spoken used both flattery and displayed a extensive use of the English language.
He had no accent that I could make out, but did speak very posh, every word was spoken properly with full pronunciation .

Said that the agency he worked for supplied girls to rich businessmen and musicians, etc.
And that the agency was looking for a few girls like myself to come on board and work with them.
Security was tight because these clients did not want kiss and tell stories in the newspaper.
Also said that the client doesn’t pay the girl the agency does.
Clients pay up to and over 100,000 a year membership to this agency, and they are selective.
All clients are vetted and must submit a medical check every quarter.
All girls had to have an interview.

When asked how the girls got paid. He said, An agent from the company would meet the girl before the job to hand over her cash.
BUT, That was after you were a part of the company, the interview you got paid afterward and before your first job.
You were to meet said financial agent on the top floor of the hotel so as to not attract attention in the lobby.

When asked how much the girls got paid, he replied anywhere from £500 to £30,000 a night.

Was then told that it was not a scam and also that they would get a girl from the agency to call and chat .

2:30pm - call comes in from a girl named Bonnie, who claimed to work for this agency.
This girl had an American/Canadian accent and claimed she was from Vancouver.
Now All questions were answered in a methodical manner she was very good this woman.
Claimed to be on tour with a band at present .
Stated that again all clients submitted a medical if any were found to have anything their membership to this place was revoked.
There were 3 categories 1st was normal everything covered which you were paid £500 - £1,000 for the hour depending.
2nd was A level which meant you would do standard stuff but all unprotected. And were paid up to £3,000 per hour.
3rd was A+1 and that meant anything went, such as watersports on you, client tying you up, Domination. Double penetration. Etc but this was paid £5,000 per hour.

Overnight appointments lasted 6 hours that gave you a grand total of £30,000 in a night.

She had never had any problems with clients no violent punters and NO DRUGS either her or her clients.

Worked when she wanted , could either work at home or travel internationally

Asked about her interview to which she said… she had three male escorts in a hotel room and all of them had her at the same time. It was something of a speciality of hers.


As was sex with the client,

The interview was paid for by the company both for your time at your normal rates and for the male escorts time.
(They have both on staff)

So hangs up after chatting with bonnie and waits for her to contact them and let them know your ok with things.

3pm gets a call from another male with the company asking about services .
This male had a very distinct Irish accent , and was just there to get what services you were comfortable doing and what you weren’t.
Asks to speak to another escort as was allowed to talk to as many as I wanted.
Requests a London based escort as living in the UK want to know from a UK based escort.
No problem finishes taking details and hangs up.

3:15pm phone rings and a UK based escort tells me similar things to the first.
Did sound a bit drugged up, and did mention that before she worked for this company she had a profile on adult work.

3:30 pm Michael calls back again explains everything again and wants to know if I am satisfied that this is not a scam.
Then asks how soon did I want to work, and could I do an appointment that evening.
Agrees and starts to get ready.
Calls to confirm that I am ok to do interview and job after it.. Then says client will pay for 2 hours but wants a submissive secretary. To be paid at £5000 per hour so £10,000 total

Given two lines that client want saying.
I would do anything MR x to get my job back.
And I want your cock in my mouth and whatever comes out I want you to watch me swallow.
These two lines were to be said at both interview and to the client.
The interview was to be a mock run of the actual event
Gets called every 20 mins to check how things are coming.

5pm ready and in car on way to Heathrow airport only then do I get told the destination
Holiday Inn at junction 4 at Heathrow airport.
Gets there at 8pm due to traffic.

Male escort met on 6th floor gets to room, forgo saying lines immediately and ask a few questions.
Was told by him that he got into it through a friend and that he went through the whole process.

Gets down to the appointment.
Was filmed giving a BJ for about 5mins.

Then was put on the bed and mouthfucked till I was sick.
He was told to stop several times which he did but went straight back to it after a few mins.
Throat was really sore and tonsils were displaced.
Had unprotected vaginal sex for about 2 mins maybe 6/8 thrusts in total
Then back to mouth fucking.
Came in mouth.
Spat in mouth several times not sure why really (managed to roll it off the tongue
Then proceeded to piss into my mouth.

The whole thing lasted 25 mins if that.
Washed up a little and he went his way after a little chat and I went to top floor to collect my money for that job and the next.

Sat on 10th floor for 15mins. Before phone rang at 8:45 Michael again, was everything ok etc,
Guy with money should be on his way up now and then call cuts out.

No more calls after that waited 15 more mins just to be sure.
Paid for parking and left.

Called police on way home.

CPS won’t prosecute because of those two lines that were said, they have me, and all defence has to say was those lines were me consenting.

Are looking into the scam though.

All was done from withheld numbers.

Thanks to Galahad for posting it in the first place, and to the girl who suffered this for passing it on.

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