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G.'s apparently having a ball on her small trip with MrRich. So far, they've been mostly doing nothing, going out for drinks and movies and talking. One informal business dinner so far, for which G. made the effort of dressing up to show off her new wardrobe (She loves clothes. Seems like it's a common minor addiction that goes with the job too ;)).

I get e-mails from people saying it can't be just all that. That she probably hides the sexual components from me. Of course she does. You think she'd just pick up the phone and tell me "honey, today MrRich took me to the nicest place ever, and I enjoyed it so much I started getting wet and went down on my knees under the table to thank him"?

Not. Really.

What she does is telling if she had fun, tell me if things went bad. She keeps away from the sexual elements if it's not necessary, except for funny things. And I don't really ask. Well sometimes I do, but then I regret it because it's not my business, and she knows I don't want to know, and usually don't answer at the first strike.

There's been occasions where I asked what she did, what services guys wanted, if she liked what they or she did. I mean, in the end, I'm still a man and curious to know what makes my girlfriend tick, as sick as it may sound.

Also, some clients for these lengthy trips just don't like having their fictitious girlfriends spending time on the phone or online. After all, they pay for their time (to what you could answer that if they pay for a girlfriend, they should get the drawbacks as well. Bet they don't see it that way).

So at the moment, I guess she's probably in the bed room with him, as she told me they were going back to the hotel with a cab. Doing her job.

It's no different than when I went for her at home when she's out in a job in the area. I don't have to know what happens. It's better that way. It's better to keep it professional, and mainly sexual.

I'd honestly acknowledge that when I read some other girls' blogs, where they give in great detail the summary of their encounters to foster the curiousity of potential clients (and the excitement of the rest of us and the satisfaction of the target client), I sometimes have that techni-color super-large picture of her in my head doing what I'm reading.

But then it goes away because it's not surprising really. It's the job. And then I know that if she had a professional blog too, she'd write the same with the same detached attitude. I'm not saying everybody writes like that. I know some of the girls I read are sometimes really into it at the moment they're living these experiences, and for good reasons. There's nothing utterly wrong with them enjoying the sexual parts of the job. Thus their narrative is not necessarily just strass and special effects. But some do just narrate for commercial reasons.
And not all of the jobs are as fun and enjoyable as a 30-days long vacation with benefits and all-paid expenses on sunny beaches and glossy night-clubs.

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