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Mfg Educators Online Resources

Apr 30, 2020, 8:21:41 PM4/30/20
to Mfg Educators Online Resources
A 3D modeling computer program that can be used for a wide range of drawing applications in engineering, architecture, film and video game design.

Salwa Berbawy

May 3, 2020, 1:26:17 PM5/3/20
to Mfg Educators Online Resources
Hey Mark,

Have you looked at OnShape for online CAD?  It seems to be a good solution, and more like Autodesk Inventor or Solidworks than SketchUp.  The only caveat is that if you have a free account anything you create is technically the property of OnShape, so it’s not a good solution for entrepreneurs.

Have a good week!

On Apr 30, 2020, at 5:21 PM, Mfg Educators Online Resources <> wrote:

A 3D modeling computer program that can be used for a wide range of drawing applications in engineering, architecture, film and video game design.

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Aiello, Jack

May 3, 2020, 6:39:57 PM5/3/20
to Salwa Berbawy, Mfg Educators Online Resources
Hi Salwa,
Most of our students are limited to working with Chromebooks as to there device for accessing the Internet. Can you tell me if OnShape will work on a Chromebook?  My limited experience was that it was designed to work with touch screen devices.  I would be very interested in using OnShape if it works on a Chromebook and not rely on a touch screen device.  Please let me know.

Jack Aiello
Intro To Design Teacher
Independence High School

Jack Aiello, Coordinator
Independence STEAM Academy  M-38
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Global Conference on Educational Robotics
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Mark Martin

May 4, 2020, 6:44:44 PM5/4/20
to Jack Aiello, Salwa Berbawy, Mfg Educators Online Resources
OnShape does work on Chromebooks. It was recently bought by PTC (which created Creo - formerly ProEngineer). It looks similar to Solidworks or Fusion 360 from a CAD perspective. 

While it works on Chromebooks (Fusion 360 doesn’t, but we can deal with that through a virtual machine), it appears to charge for the other modules that Fusion 360 offers for free to students (CAM, design, etc.). So if only doing CAD it looks like a perfectly good program to use.


Mark Martin, PhD
Regional Director
Advanced Manufacturing Workforce Development
Bay Area Community Colleges

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Salwa Berbawy

May 8, 2020, 12:49:59 AM5/8/20
to Mark Martin, Jack Aiello, Mfg Educators Online Resources
A360 also works on Chromebooks, which is an Autodesk product (basically Fusion for the internet).  The drawback to A360 is that you can’t create assemblies, only part files.  
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