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Dear K-16 teachers,
As we embark on this quick redesign to move more things to online learning, I thought it might be useful to share with each other things we've learned, resources we can use, and best practices. So please share what you know. You can view the posts without an account, but unfortunately to post or reply to a topic you have to login to a Google account (note: you can use any email you want to create a Google account. You do NOT need to get a gmail account.)

There's some compilations already at:

Please feel free to start a discussion topic and share other resources you would suggest using.
Also, please share this discussion group with others.

California Community Colleges
Advanced Manufacturing sector

MARK MARTIN - Bay Area Regional Director (
ALAN BRAGGINS - Statewide Director, Inland Empire / Desert (
MICHAEL BASTINE - South Central Coast (
RUISHAN CHOW - San Diego / Imperial (
JOHN SCHMIDT - Far North (