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Pete Dermott

Dec 10, 2019, 9:24:07 AM12/10/19
to Mezzanine Users
Following on from the discussion on GitHub issue #1928

Throughout 2019 there has been 1 commit to the master Github repo, we haven't had a full release since August 2018 and there are a number outstanding changes that are waiting to go into a new release. We still don't have Django 2 support despite it being released in December 2018 and Django 3 is now out and available for development.

I use Mezzanine a lot in my day to day projects but I don't feel like I personally have the skill to take it forward and make it fully compatible with the changes to Django and jQuery that are required.

Basically, I feel that this project needs a bit of help to keep it relevant. Thankfully there are maintainer communities in Jazzband and Code Shelter that may be able to help us. I feel that handing the project over to them should at least ensure that active Mezzanine projects are not left exposed when 1.11 is deprecated in April 2020.

Also - just to note - this is in no way mean to denigrate the hard work that Stephen and others have done over the years with this project, it speaks volumes about the quality of the codebase that Mezzanine is still my Django CMS of choice after all this time.

Eduardo Rivas

Dec 12, 2019, 6:47:47 PM12/12/19
to mezzani...@googlegroups.com

Hi Pete,


Thanks for bringing this over to the mailing list. I’m one of the contributors to Mezzanine and still use it almost daily. I’m glad others still want to see the project move forward.


Do Jazzband or Code Shelter have contributors on standby ready to take in projects and perform maintenance tasks? I’m not entirely clear on how they work, just want to make sure I understand correctly.

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Pete Dermott

Dec 13, 2019, 5:41:21 AM12/13/19
to Mezzanine Users
Hi Eduardo,

I've been in contact jezdez - one of the Jazzband roadies to discuss this in the #jazzband IRC channel.

Jazzband exists to lower the barrier of entry for maintenance and remove the single-developer-problem that we currently have. It's not a guarantee of maintenance but it should help simplify releases and would give us the opportunity to get more eyes on the upgrade to 2.2 that we so drastically need.

As a next step he has encouraged us to create an issue proposing the transfer and mention Stephen and any other contributors that may be interested in helping with the transfer and future maintenance, I expect you or Stephen may be the best person to do this as you will have the required level of access.

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Pete Dermott

Jan 8, 2020, 4:11:29 AM1/8/20
to Mezzanine Users
I have created an issue on the jazzband-roadies Github mentioning Stephen. To reiterate again - I'm not trying to step on anyone's toes, I just would like to get this moving so we can have a 2.0 compatible release ready for when April rolls around and 1.11 is no longer supported.

Wim Feijen

Jan 28, 2020, 12:06:47 PM1/28/20
to Mezzanine Users

Sorry I am late to the party. I just wanted to say that we use Mezzanine for a few websites, and are interested in helping maintain it and helping in bring it up to date to 2.0.  

For me the Jazzband umbrella would work and we would like to contribute in that way. 

For reference, I came across this interesting post of what happened with django-fiber, a similar case where the original creators handed over maintenance, see: 

Basically, the creator Dennis Bunskoek proposed:

"I like the idea of a maintenance-mode project under django-fiber/django-fiber with multiple maintainers. Me and some colleagues of mine would like to be a maintainer as well, since we also use Django Fiber in a lot of sites.

What would be a good way forward for this?
Some thoughts:

  • create django-fiber/django-fiber repo (multiple admins?)
  • invite maintainers (as contributors / admins?)
  • communicate in the README of this repo (ridethepony/django-fiber) that the project has moved
  • change owner of PyPI package django-fiber, add multiple owners / maintainers (how exactly? anyone got experience with this?)"
And that's what happened.

Let's go for Jazzband, but if that fails, we have an alternative as well. 

Best regards,


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