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Welcome to the archived discussion forum of Metaphysical Speculations.  Though philosopher Bernardo Kastrup is no longer directly associated, its successor forum can be found here:

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House rules:

  1. Common sense, Golden Rule civility and respect, though sharp exchanges on content are allowed. Character attacks and patterns of disrespectful behavior to other members will result in being banned from the forum at the discretion of the moderators. 
  2. No spamming or trolling will be tolerated. 

  3. All Topics must pertain to metaphysics, and directly related topics. 

  4. No partisan politics, current events or topics that dont directly pertain to metaphysics. No ideological or religious evangelizing, or posts with links to downloadable files.  

  5. Threads meant for formal, rigorous philosophical discussions should be marked 'FORMAL:' in the title and posters in those threads should refrain from purely intuitive, experiential or anecdotal contributions. 

  6. If you're new to the group, your first post will be moderated. If the moderators feel you tend to infringe forum rules, subsequent posts may also be moderated. Robert Clark (RHC) and I are the moderators.

 If you want to interact with me personally, please consider my social media policy and useful links first. Above all, have fun! Bernardo Kastrup.