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David A. Wheeler

Jan 19, 2020, 12:11:34 AM1/19/20
to metamath
I've uploaded an entirely redone walkthrough of
mmj2's embedded tutorial, and have a new draft:

Several people commented about the need to update the
embedded mmj2 tutorial first, so I took that comment to heart,
updated the embedded mmj2 tutorial (thanks Mario for your review!),
and *then* made a video out of it.

The result is longer - a bit more than an hour - because I've added
extra material, such as info about mmj2's general search capability.

Comments welcome! Make it clear what page it's on.
I've recorded each page as a separate video, and I then
concatenate them. I can fix things, but I have to re-record that page
to fix anything in it.

I haven't made this "public", since I expect I'll have to
re-record a page or two for the final version.
But that's the eventual plan.

--- David A. Wheeler

Jon P

Jan 20, 2020, 11:40:55 AM1/20/20
to Metamath
Hi David,

I didn't watch all the way through but it looks much improved. I like that there is now a section covering the !, I had no idea you could delete so much and have it all filled in. 

I think you've done a great job in general and all the work has been worth it :)


David A. Wheeler

Jan 20, 2020, 1:40:48 PM1/20/20
to Jon P, Metamath
On January 20, 2020 11:40:55 AM EST, Jon P <> wrote:
>I didn't watch all the way through but it looks much improved. ..
>I think you've done a great job in general and all the work has been worth it :)

Thanks! I would love to hear any other comments. I would like to post it publicly tonight if no one finds any serious issues.

I have no doubt that it could be endlessly improved, but I have limited time to redo videos over and over again, especially since no one is paying me to do it. :-). My goal is for it to be useful and accurate, not to have Hollywood videography.

--- David A.Wheeler

David A. Wheeler

Jan 20, 2020, 7:39:11 PM1/20/20
to metamath

I'm pleased to announce that I've publicly released a new video:
"Walkthrough of the tutorial in mmj2"

This is merely an execution of the tutorial embedded in mmj2,
but as noted in previous emails, it ended up in a lot of changes
to the tutorial. The tutorial hadn't been updated in a while, and
it really needed updating. I also added a lot more material
(e.g., explaining "!", explaining general search, etc.).
So the tutorial ballooned from 1/2 an hour to basically an hour.
Hopefully that updated & additional material will be useful to others.

--- David A. Wheeler


Jan 21, 2020, 8:00:38 AM1/21/20
to Metamath
Thanks, David.

Personally, I'm not a big fan of video lessons and have a queue of FoMM videos already. Comparing to text they look clumsy and long, but may have a collateral effect of improving other forms of documentation. Others might disagree, though.

And we are really indebted to you for everyday work on documentation improvement here and there. That's not a common thing in many other opensource projects, but is important for any project to thrive. I think that this project is lucky to have people who are ready to spend so much of their precious time on it.
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