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Feb 12, 2022, 6:26:04 AMFeb 12
to Metamath

my first post to this list.

I am trying Metamath.  I have a couple of questions about basic whereabouts.

1.  is there a way to customize the .tex file you get with a command like :
show proof tfr2 /all /lemmon /tex .
I am getting a .tex file which gives a number of errors when I try to pdflatex it (mostly missing labels)

2. is there a way to output proof in a tree like display (say,  sequent calculi / natural deduction style)?

3. is there  some kind of IDE for Metamath?

Sorry if I am asking questions which have been already asked and answered.

Thierry Arnoux

Feb 12, 2022, 10:42:05 AMFeb 12
to, mario

Hi Mario,

Welcome to the list!

The proofs on the Metamath web page are actually displayed in a tree like way, if you look at the identation:

Take for example:

You'll notice the final statement (step 7) has an indentation of "1". The statements it refers to (steps 5 and 6) both have an indentation of "2", and so on. It's not strictly a tree, as some tree leafs may be referred to from different branches (here, step 1 is used both in steps 2 and 6)

You've already asked about MMJ2, that's the IDE of choice.

I've built a Metamath plug-in for Eclipse, but I've also had feedback it's not easy to install.

I'm sorry I've not used the Latex output, I can't help with that question..


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Feb 15, 2022, 12:10:11 PMFeb 15
to Metamath
I have been able to install MMJ2.
Thanks Best wishes
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