Metalink News: 19 Feb 2007

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Feb 19, 2007, 2:18:41 AM2/19/07
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Metalink 3-D invades Brussels and Miami

This week features lots of activity. If you can blog about Metalink or
submit it to news sites, please join in!

Barcamp Miami, 21 Feb at University of Miami, will have a presentation
on Metalink.

Bram Neijt will deliver a "Lightning talk" presentation on Metalink at
FOSDEM 2007 at 11:20am on 25 Feb in Brussels, Belgium.
Thanks to Bram for all the time and effort he's put in!


Metamirrors for creating quick links

Metamirrors allows you to create .metalinks by submitting checksum
files (there's even an easy Firefox extension for doing so).
Try it out, it's really easy!


Metalink @ Packages Resources offers .metalinks for more projects

Besides Arch Linux, CentOS, the Linux Kernel,,
openSUSE, and Ubuntu - Edubuntu and Kubuntu have been added.

Fedora 7 Test 1 and openSUSE 10.3 Alpha 1 have also been released and
can be easily downloaded.

Thanks to Manuel Subredu and RoEduNet. Congratulations on your new
child :)


SmartFTP supports Metalink

SmartFTP 2.0 supports Metalink for adding files to a transfer queue
and uses included checksums to verify files. SmartFTP itself doesn't
support segmented downloads yet.
This is a great Windows FTP client, please try it out.


Phex 3.0.2 has Metalink export

This is the first version of the Gnutella P2P client that lets you
export your media library to a .metalink for sharing with others.
This uses Bram's Java Metalink parser which is available at


aria2 0.10.1 released

This is the best version of aria2 yet and has important new features.
There seems to be a problem getting the new version working on OS X.
Can anyone help? It would also be good to get feedback that the newest
version compiles on Solaris.


GetRight 6.2 is here

It just keeps on improving!


wxDownload Fast on Mac

wxDF compiles on Mac but could use some love to get in a usable state.


Two articles...

Isabel Wang writes on Web Host Industry Review about P2P saving
bandwidth costs and mentions Metalink. Thanks!

Free Software Magazine also has an article on the Free software
programs that let you download with Metalink.

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