[ANN] Opening of the DMO (Data Mining Ontology) Foundry

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Oct 1, 2011, 6:33:17 AM10/1/11
to alawry...@cs.put.poznan.pl, melanie...@unige.ch, rpa...@man.poznan.pl, Phong....@unige.ch
Dear Colleagues,

We are happy to announce the opening of the *DMO (Data Mining Ontology)
Foundry* (http://www.dmo-foundry.org/), an initiative designed to promote
the development of ontologies representing the data mining domain. The DMO
Foundry will gather the most significant ontologies concerning data mining
and the different algorithms and resources that have been developed to
support the knowledge discovery process.

Each ontology in the DMO Foundry is freely available for browsing and open
discussion, as well as collaborative development, by data mining
specialists all over the world. We cordially welcome all interested
researchers and practitioners to join the initiative. To find out how you
can participate in ontology development, click on the "How to join" tab at
the top of the DMO-Foundry page.

To access and navigate an ontology, and contribute to it, click on the
"Ontologies" tab, then on your selected ontology and its OWL Browser tool.
As you browse, you can click on the "Comment" button to share your
insights, criticisms, and suggestions on the concept or relation you are
currently exploring. For more general comments, go the the "Forum" tab and
post a message to initiate a discussion thread.
Please note that until the end of March 2012, this site is being
road-tested on the Data Mining OPtimization (DMOP) Ontology developed in
the EU FP7 ICT project e-LICO (2009-2012). We are in contact with authors
of other DM ontologies, but if you are developing a relevant ontology that
you think we are not aware of, please set up a post in the Forum.
You are also invited to contact us by writing to an email address

Kind regards,

Melanie Hilario, Agnieszka Lawrynowicz, Phong Nguyen, Raul Palma
(DMO Foundry Management Board members)

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