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Guillermo Polito

Apr 10, 2018, 9:07:35 AM4/10/18
to meta...@googlegroups.com, Esteban Lorenzano
Hi Dale,

We are further advancing with Iceberg and its metacello integration here.
Now iceberg is not package based anymore (though packages are still there :)).

The thing is making iceberg package-independent required us to decouple us from monticello. And well, our metacello integration is aching a bit.

We already have a place to hook into metacello using a MetacelloPlatform subclass. However, we would like to control also how packages are loaded into the system. Right now metacello uses gofer and hooks into it by creating a `MetacelloGoferLoad` instance in a couple of places. What do you think if we move that to a hook in the MetacelloPlatform?

I'm thinking in something like:

MetacelloPlatform >> goferLoadClass
  ^ MetacelloGoferLoad


MetacelloPlatform >> goferLoadOnGofer: aGofer
  ^ MetacelloGoferLoad on: aGofer

and then inside metacello you can still do

MetacelloPlatform current goferLoadClass on: ....


MetacelloPlatform current goferLoadOn: aGofer.

That shouldn't break any external users and then on our side we could

IceMetacelloPlatform >> goferLoadClass
  ^ IceMetacelloGoferLoad

Maybe you have a better idea?



Guille Polito

Research Engineer

Centre de Recherche en Informatique, Signal et Automatique de Lille

CRIStAL - UMR 9189

French National Center for Scientific Research - http://www.cnrs.fr

Web: http://guillep.github.io

Phone: +33 06 52 70 66 13

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