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Sean DeNigris

Mar 21, 2018, 9:33:34 PM3/21/18
to Metacello
While I'm untangling the StateSpecs mess, allow me to ask a more general question: How does one handle Metacello conflicts in smalltalkCI?

I have a GH fork of Magritte3 with many enhancements and fixes, on which I depend for many personal projects. I run into trouble when the "official" Magritte is loaded (by e.g. Glamour IIRC). In a manual loading script, I came up with the following:
onConflict: [ :ex | 
ex existingProjectRegistration projectName = 'Magritte3' ifTrue: [
ex newProjectRegistration baselineProjectSpec "The version we want is the one loaded via baseline, not the one via Configuration"
ifNil: [ ex disallow ] 
ifNotNil: [ ex allow ] ] ];

Is the approach above okay? Is there a better way? And most importantly, how would this sort of information be passed to smalltalkCI? I don't see a hook for conflict resolution…


Dale Henrichs

Mar 22, 2018, 10:50:20 AM3/22/18

Your approach is a good one ... and yes it seems that this a pretty good case for wanting to add an onConflict: block to the SCIMetacelloLoadSpec, so its' worth opening an issue against smalltalkCI ... I have already been pretty much hammered schedule wise but the next week or so will be even more frenetic for me ... after that though I will have the time to slip in some SmalltalkCI work, if Fabio hasn't already done something:)


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