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Dale Henrichs

Mar 24, 2012, 11:37:58 AM3/24/12
Last week was the STIC conference in Biloxi, Mississippi.

I gave a presentation on "Practical Git for Smalltalk"[1] basically talking about the FileTree project, but I als made a pitch for using git/github for cross-dialect code sharing and that was well-recieved.

For the cross dialect project, a CampSmalltalk organization was created on GitHub[2]. The Cypress project[3] will be the final resting place for the cross dialect support, but n the mean time there are a couple of project: one for Amber (amber-cypress[4]) and one for VW (STIG[5]).

Johnny Thornton and I are working on the Amber project and Martin Kobetic is working on the VW. The STIG project was originated be Travis Griggs a while ago ...

When the Cypress format settles down (there were perterbations when additional dialects were introduced since there are additional requirements to support ... in the end sharing is important so we need to be flexible) I'll integrate the changes into FileTree ...

There isn't really that much work to be done and we worked out most of the details at Camp Smalltalk during the conference ...

I will be leveraging the Amber work for my port of FileTree to base GemStone (without the Squeak/Pharo compatibility layers)...



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