Possibility of seeing the differences between the texts at the same height of the containers

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Mar 6, 2020, 10:23:03 AM3/6/20
to Mergely

Greetings to all, Excellent tool, I send my congratulations to the creators. I wanted to ask you a question. Is it possible that when showing the difference between two texts, the differences are shown at the same height of the scroll ?, I currently have texts that the difference is not displayed at the same height of the containers and involves moving the scroll in one of the the windows to see the address, which already makes it impossible to see the text of the other container.

An example can be seen in the image, if you look in the container on the right, line 2652 shows a difference in relation to the container on the left, but that difference is not seen in the container, if I upload the scroll to see the difference on the left side I already lose the visibility of the text / line 2652 of the right container, which prevents us from seeing the difference between the two texts.


I greatly appreciate the help you can give me about it, and I remain attentive to your comments. Best regards, Daniel Zapata Quito, Ecuador
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