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Peter Pincus

Nov 3, 2010, 7:16:43 AM11/3/10
to merb

we have developed an invoicing Merb web application to use in our
company. It is fully working for 1.5 years now.
Due to some interest from other companies, the IT dept. is considering
a spin-off to take the app to the market to be small/medium company

Our platform is:
Merb app for invoicing, reporting and simple stock management;
Ruby 1.8.7;
DataMapper over PostgreSQL;
Bundler enabled;
Ubuntu Server on a dual-core 1GB RAM server;
Both app and database in the server;
10 users in this last year.

We have some questions based on lack of experience in the "outer
space", deployment. Things like what would be the necessary machine
and software specs to have lets say 20 companies (5 users each) using
the app ?

What is your experience in terms of needed specs for groups of lets
say 5 to 10 users ?
Backup and replication strategies for postgres ?
How will we notice the machine can't handle the jobs ? plain server
down ?

Our CIO asked us to also make a scenario for 200 clients, about 1000
to 1500 users.
Can your experience help us figuring out our needs ?

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