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Nicos Gollan

Sep 18, 2011, 3:45:35 PM9/18/11
to merb
To Those Still Reading,

I pushed "merb-core" and "merb-gen" repositories to Github, and I will
focus my (currently pretty limited, I must admit) efforts on those. I
will not touch other parts of the stack for now.

I am doing that because doing changes while keeping integration of the
stack intact is nigh impossible, and kills my motivation. Hopefully,
going back to the raw basics takes off a lot of the integration
burden. Another reason is that, at least IMAO, merb was always
supposed to be about the core, and the core still has the potential to
be damn good, and it's a joy to work on. The other gems… well, let's
just say they aren't up to par. Some are missing specs, some are just
plain spaghetti, and together they introduce nasty cross-dependencies.

===> TL;DR: Don't expect the new repos to work ☺ <===

The new repositories are rewritten versions of the master merb repo,
so the history including tags is intact, but I dropped all branch
names. Additionally, the "active_support" branch has been merged into
master. The repositories have their wikis disabled, please use the
"merb" wiki as before.

Right now, those repos do not have up to date dot-files for standalone
specs or doc generation, and the .gitignore files are likely lacking
too, but that will be fixed soon; right now though, I'm fairly pissed
at git because it took me half a day to discover that passing the "-d"
option as recommended in the manpages breaks things in obscure ways ;-)
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