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Nicos Gollan

Jun 28, 2011, 4:05:24 PM6/28/11
to merb
Hi folks,

I've been a tad silent over the past month or two due to a few private
reasons. But apart from that, I've picked up on one of the last
remaining legacy libraries used by merb: Templater.

That one is used by merb-gen and other parts using generators, and
woefully unmaintained. The current active_support branch depends on a
fork which makes Templater roughly "current", but nobody's picking up
the phone on their git repo. On the upside, it really looks like the
templating facilities of Thor (and thus Rails 3, it seems like this is
one of the aspects where merb had a good deal of influence) are very
much related, even though the API is different.

Currently I seem to have a working "port" of the "stack" generator,
and the others should fall in place soon. This will bring cleaner code
too, so win-win. Remaining issues are:

(1) tieing it into a useful CLI tool, since TBH I have no idea yet how
that's supposed to work, and

(2) see if migrating mailer, slices, ... shows some obvious need to
expose the generators in a more data-driven way. I've had an idea that
it might be useful to have application template "bundles" that merb-
gen can process through a manifest file, e.g., to provide application
installation packages.

See you at push ;-)

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