Flex Mobile Project + Flex Hero + Merapi -> Problem width mx.accessibility:ButtonAccImpl.

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Mar 31, 2011, 6:13:12 AM3/31/11
to Merapi
I'm new on Merapi. I he mounted "Hello world" Merapi example with
success. But, I'm trying to modify the flex proyect part. I have
created a Flex Mobile Project, and i push this code in first view of

<!-- Place non-visual elements (e.g., services, value objects) here

<!-- Controller -->
<!-- ===============================================================

<!-- ==== helloWorldMessage : The message sent accross the bridge
========== -->
<messages:HelloWorldMessage id="helloWorldMessage" helloText="Hello
World!!!" />

<!-- ==== helloWorldHandler : The message handler for the
HelloWorld.HELLO message type == -->
<merapiproject:MessageHandler id="helloWorldHandler"
type="{ HelloWorldMessage.HELLO }" dataField="helloText" />


<!-- View -->

<s:Button id="Saluda" label="Say Hello"
<s:Label text="{ helloWorldHandler.data }" />

When I compile, eclipse retuned 2 errors:

1172: Definition mx.accessibility:ButtonAccImpl could not be found.
1202: Access of undefined property ButtonAccImpl in package

I think that merapi.swc use the obsoleteclass ButtonAccImpl to
implement accesibility, but i can't modify the library. And i don't
know because the example "hellow world" work on flex project (Hero
SDK), but don't work on Flex Mobile Project.

Are there some workaround to resolve that problem? Somebody use
merapi width Flex Mobile Project?
Some idea?



Mar 31, 2011, 7:34:46 AM3/31/11
to Merapi
I have a solution.
The problems is that Flex Mobile Project not include MX components,
while at Flex Project you can use MX + Spark Components.
So that, to resolve the problem, you only need includes two librarys
(.swc): mx.swc and airspark.swc at your project mobile.
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