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Blaise Mouttet

Oct 27, 2008, 9:44:18 AM10/27/08
I think that the implementation of memristors used by Stan Williams group is based on nanoimprint lithography used to form the crossbars that sandwich the TiO2/TiO2-x materials. A couple of universities have this tool but I'm not sure that they are using it in forming memristor devices. The University of Houston has also experimented with microfabricated versions of hysteretic resistors having properties very similar to the memristors of Williams group (link). I'm also currently collaborating with Dr. Wei Wang at the University of Albany's Colege of Nanoscale Science (link) and we are considering methods of fabrication of a microscale version of memristor crossbars for prototyping purposes.

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Subject: Memristor Graduate Research Opportunities
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Does anyone know at what university I can get my hands on memristors
in the graduate program?

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