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Aug 28, 2016, 12:21:23 AM8/28/16
to mementodatabase
Hello everyone,I notice that in this forum, many users are very enthusiastic,memento dabase is I moved the application,I like the two major reasons.

1, in the memento database,Each library created
They are similar to a functional APP,This is great.

I also recommend that the developer,in the future,Let each library,We can produce APP.

2, it can be stored all the information content of the data.
Whether ordinary notes,Whether the data excel,Or database data,Can be recorded or stored in the memento database.

Due to great enthusiasm,I made no small sacrifice,It may be you do not know,I used to,produced 500 a templates.

This is not an ordinary enthusiasts can be done,obviously,I was more fanatic.

I participated in the Android version of language translation,Completed a full Chinese translation,and,In the end there are 
computer enthusiasts to participate,Also completed translation,Translation volume is 100% complete.

I create chat groups in our region,

Create memento database Forum,

Create memento database database,

To help its users to answer questions,
It has not countless,Forum, information, etc.Quantities of these inputs is huge,Because it takes no small effort,A lot of effort and time.

I send the Suggest,We have many many,Many, many.
Many times,Developer Reply,I will plan.
Autofill,Data source filled,I suggested.
My advice too much

Many times developers reply:I will plan

Lot,The recent,I also recommend the,Let users have javascript knowledge,You can customize their own js library,
Developers can also reply,I will plan.

Here, I want to say,But also on behalf of many people's dedication

here,Share this thing
Would like to see if we are happy

Aug 28, 2016, 12:49:15 AM8/28/16
to mementodatabase
If the developer
1.3 billion people in China
memento database conduct business
Our region,Web and database.... ,Free services
There will be no reason
Can fully accept and managed by developer
Developer can fully accept and manage

---Supporters groups from China
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