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Nov 18, 2018, 4:13:52 PM11/18/18
to mementodatabase
Hi everyone.

I have a problem with the file storage location quite similar to this one described here.

I'm not sure if is a memento's problem or a problem with my phone.

I've change the file storage folder location in the settings from the default one to a new one in the sdcard(/storage/11f9-9538/memento/files).
When I tried to create and select the two last directories(/memento/files) in the sdcard from Settings > File Storage > File storage folder, nothing happened. No folder was created. Then I created the folders from my file explorer and returned to Settings > File Storage > File storage folder to select them.
I didn't set the "copy files to storage" option.
Then I created a simple library to test memento with a text field and an image field.
When I add a entry and make a picture with my camera(not the original but the the Open Camera app) the result is no image but this text:


/storage/11f9-9538/memento/files/-1230270820/name of the picture.jpg
(No such file or directory)

When I add a picture from the default phone camera, nothing happens. No image is attached and even no error message is shown.
When I add a picture from the pictures I have already stored in the sdcard, there's no problem. Everything works ok.

Notice thar folder /-1230270820 is something memento has added by itself. If I look with my file explorer in /storage/11f9-9538/memento/files, there's no /-1230270820 folder nor any picture of course.

I have changed also the database location from Settings > Database location to /storage/11f9-9538/Android/data/com.luckydroid.droidbase/files/memento.db and the database is stored in that location without any problem, what means that memento is able to write in the sdcard. In fact, I changed the file storage folder again in the setings to /storage/11f9-9538/Android/data/com.luckydroid.droidbase/files/files storage creating the folder /files storage from the setings menu without any problem and when I tried again the library everything worked ok and memento created by itself the folder /-1230270820 inside the paht /storage/11f9-9538/Android/data/com.luckydroid.droidbase/files/files storage and stored there the picture of the next entry, even without having set the "copy files to storage" option.

It seems memento can write in the sdcard but only in one location. I'm not sure if this is just a problem in memento or a problem in my phone.
I would like to chosse some other different location in the sdcard.
Any help will be appreciated.

Xiaomi redmi Note 5
android 8.1.0
When first intalled memento I granted all permissions.
I bought and installed memento PRO License Key.

Bill Crews

Nov 18, 2018, 6:45:32 PM11/18/18
to, mementodatabase
I recommend contacting about this.

Nov 19, 2018, 10:52:43 AM11/19/18
to mementodatabase
Tank you very much, Bill, for the fast answer. I will do.

Dec 17, 2018, 5:38:40 AM12/17/18
to mementodatabase
I have contact with and the answer was:

Hello, Bernhard!

You are right. Memento can write only to "own" directory to sd-card:
 /storage/{sd-card id}/Android/data/com.luckydroid.droidbase/files/  
It is last Android security rules. Unfortunately, currently, it is not possible to choose other location for files on the sd-card.
I'll try to resolve this issue in the future versions.
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