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Rendra Regen Rais

Jan 28, 2023, 9:20:29 AMJan 28
to mementodatabase
Hi.. everyone..
Can Memento JavaScript displaying the Accuracy of GPS as autofill function? 
Our problem is lots of data got the wrong GPS position, because we didn't know the accuracy of the GPS position before saving the entry. We need to break this problem for our conservation, biodiversity and environment Patrol. A big problem to keep the data quality..


Regen Rais
A ranger of Sumatran Rain Forest..

Er Mo

Jan 28, 2023, 2:05:53 PMJan 28
to mementodatabase
Die GPS Daten kommen von Gerät ( Betriebssystem ) und Memento hat darauf keinen einfluss . Ich schätze das sie die Daten im Wald aufnehmen möchten . Wenn der entfang von Internet gegeben ist können sie den Hintergrung auf Sateliten umstellen und Selber die Pusition bestimmen .

The GPS data comes from the device (operating system) and Memento has no influence on it. I guess they want to record the data in the forest. If you have Internet access, you can change the background to satellite and determine the position yourself.


Bill Crews

Jan 28, 2023, 2:44:58 PMJan 28
to Er Mo, mementodatabase
I suppose it might be possible to use the Tasker app to query Android for this information, but I'm not sure how it would know the accuracy. Compare it to what?

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Craig Hunter

Jan 28, 2023, 4:18:27 PMJan 28
to, Bill Crews, Er Mo, mementodatabase
When Tasker gets a GPS fix the accuracy in meters is available. You can use Tasker to get the latitude and longitude and the accuracy. Tasker can create a new record in Memento, adding this data to specific fields.

One drawback is that Memento triggers for new record will not happen. I get around this by doing calculations like data validation in Tasker, not Memento.

You could have Tasker display the accuracy of the GPS fix, and let the user decide whether to try for a better one.

If accuracy is more important than time, you could take an average of a few GPS fixes. That would be more work to achieve in Tasker.

Other GPS data that Tasker collects: altitude, speed. (Sometimes these are not available.) Also time.

Tasker can also report the Android wifi network location which is sometimes more accurate. Not so for fieldwork.


Tasker in google play:
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