Memcached Testing Evictions

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Qingchen Dang

Apr 28, 2021, 10:27:09 PM4/28/21
to memcached

I am trying to test my optimization of Memcached eviction, but it seems even though I got a lot of misses, the evictions stats is always 0. 
Here is the stats for the original Memcached without any change. I wonder what memcached config/benchmark config can make eviction happen?

STAT pointer_size 64

STAT rusage_user 110.668826

STAT rusage_system 769.767632

STAT max_connections 1024

STAT curr_connections 2

STAT total_connections 8004

STAT rejected_connections 0

STAT connection_structures 402

STAT response_obj_oom 0

STAT response_obj_count 1

STAT response_obj_bytes 131072

STAT read_buf_count 16

STAT read_buf_bytes 262144

STAT read_buf_bytes_free 114688

STAT read_buf_oom 0

STAT reserved_fds 40

STAT cmd_get 72720000

STAT cmd_set 7280000

STAT cmd_flush 0

STAT get_hits 626512

STAT get_misses 72093488

STAT get_expired 0

STAT get_flushed 0

STAT delete_misses 0

STAT delete_hits 0

STAT incr_misses 0

STAT incr_hits 0

STAT decr_misses 0

STAT decr_hits 0

STAT bytes_read 1809568092

STAT bytes_written 459401348

STAT limit_maxbytes 2097152

STAT accepting_conns 1

STAT listen_disabled_num 0

STAT time_in_listen_disabled_us 0

STAT threads 8

STAT conn_yields 0

STAT hash_power_level 16

STAT hash_bytes 524288

STAT hash_is_expanding 0

STAT slab_reassign_rescues 0

STAT slab_reassign_chunk_rescues 0

STAT slab_reassign_evictions_nomem 0

STAT slab_reassign_inline_reclaim 0

STAT slab_reassign_busy_items 0

STAT slab_reassign_busy_deletes 0

STAT slab_reassign_running 0

STAT slabs_moved 0

STAT lru_crawler_running 0

STAT lru_crawler_starts 4

STAT lru_maintainer_juggles 101778

STAT malloc_fails 0

STAT bytes 94437

STAT curr_items 909

STAT total_items 7280000

STAT slab_global_page_pool 0

STAT expired_unfetched 0

STAT evicted_unfetched 0

STAT evicted_active 0

STAT evictions 0

STAT reclaimed 0

STAT crawler_reclaimed 0

STAT crawler_items_checked 2732

STAT lrutail_reflocked 12

STAT moves_to_cold 116840

STAT moves_to_warm 3185

STAT moves_within_lru 538

STAT direct_reclaims 0

STAT lru_bumps_dropped 0




Apr 28, 2021, 10:33:49 PM4/28/21
to memcached
How're you loading the data?

From the stats it looks like you're probably overwriting the same values
over and over (high total_items but low curr_items and no get_expired)
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Qingchen Dang

Apr 29, 2021, 12:59:49 AM4/29/21
Thank you for helping! Yes I actually figured it out that I used wrong parameters to load data which causes the overwrite.

But I do have one more question, how to add print statements to memcached source code? When I use ‘make test’, printf works as usual. But in the actual run, it seems the print is re-bufferred to somewhere else which makes it very hard to debug. Is there a way to print to stdout?

Thank you very much!

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> On Apr 28, 2021, at 10:33 PM, dormando <> wrote:
> How're you loading the data?
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Apr 29, 2021, 2:07:30 AM4/29/21

I don't know what you're doing but I can say there's nothing buffering
prints. Maybe you're starting memcached as a daemon? Prints won't work in
that case.
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Qingchen Dang

Apr 29, 2021, 10:38:39 AM4/29/21
Oh I see. Yes that is the case. Thank you very much for helping me out!!

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