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Derek Kulinski

Aug 5, 2023, 2:41:54 PM8/5/23
to memcached
So I'm working on using memcached in my python project and I noticed that the for example while Java has a quite nice client, the experience is not so great on Python. There are multiple clients some dead.

From the ones active I still see:
  • pymemcache - most featurefull (still not as much as the java client), it's also synchronous
  • emcache - asynchronous, but very basic
  • aiomcache - asynchronous, but even more bare bone, for example it doesn't even implement clustering, you just connect to a single server
The state of things is that it gives a fake impression that memcache is dead, no one uses it and the right choice is to just use redis.

I think memcached should do similar things to what redis does, basically for each of popular languages endorse specific package and make sure it is doing things correctly. This would make people less spread out and would make the project look more active driving more people toward it.

For example on python aioredis (from aio-libs) repo recently was adopted and changed name to "redis". You can see how activity exploded after that:

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