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Brian Aker

Apr 23, 2021, 6:12:29 PM4/23/21
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Launchpad is the canonical source. There are some patches I have pushed recently and there will probably be a release in the near future. 

— Brian

On Apr 22, 2021, at 11:26 AM, Dylan Thacker-Smith <> wrote:

Is this supposed to be the source of truth for libmemcached development? The README says project information is on but "Source Code" link on that page links to which doesn't mention this repo. The launchpad project also has its own bug tracking ( which is linked to from the "Bug Tracking" link on . The README refers contributors to README.FIRST which also references launchpad and the bazaar repo.

There is also a mention of a mailing list on the README which I didn't find.

On the other hand, the README says to report bugs here (, so it does look like there was an intention of moving development here.

It looks like there was some work somewhat recently to keep this project building, which seemed to previously be a blocker for development (#3 (comment)). However, there is still no CI setup and tests aren't passing locally with the latest memcached server version (e.g. #12), which should be prioritized to more confidently make and accept changes.

Ubuntu had also decided this library wasn't being maintained when trying to address as seen from the discussion on

  • Upstream seems pretty quiet since 2014

Unfortunately, because the project seems more or less dead ... it seems like we won't be able submit anything upstream and go straight to fixing Debian and Ubuntu.

It looks like that security bug still hasn't been fixed here. That means that distributions are having to maintain their own set of patches. For instance, it looks like Ubuntu focal has 8 patches for libmemcached.

@BrianAker are you looking for help maintaining the library? If so, there is a more actively maintained fork made by @m6w6 at which is supposed to be a "Resurrection of libmemcached". Were you aware of that fork? The fact that the fork started from the code on launchpad (first commit after forking) after development started in git (commit that introduced .gitignore) is another indication that it should be clearer if this github repo should be the source of truth.

Note that has a test suite that passes with the latest memcached, it has CI setup to test PRs and has fixed the above mentioned security issue. I would like to help (e.g. #12) but it seems like doing the work here is redundant when I see the same issue already fixed there. @BrianAker do you have any concerns with the direction that the fork is taking? Since ideally we could align our efforts and work together in a single clear official repo of libmemcached development.

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