help me - creating a VPS and have installed php 7.4

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Humberto Rocha

Jul 27, 2022, 12:13:14 PM7/27/22
to memcached
Hi! Could you clear my doubts.

I am creating a VPS and have installed php 7.4. I see that it has some optimization extensions to install, like opcache, memcache, memcached, redis.
Can I install all of these to improve my page's performance and optimization?

I would like to point out that my page is in wordpress and I have two optimization plugins already installed, which are wp-rocket and debloat (for css and js).

So my question would be: can I install the extensions I mentioned above from PHP (opcache, memcache, memcached, redis) or would it do the same function of the two plugins I already have? Or could all of them help?

Can you explain me the best scenario? Or some suggestions? Please.

Thank you very much

Paul Lindner

Aug 2, 2022, 12:02:27 AM8/2/22
If you have a single VPS memcached isn't going to help much.  There are better caching solutions for single machines.  If you ever have a network of machines and a load balancer, then yes memcached might help.

Sadly I don't know much about the latest PHP optimization techniques.


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Rishad Fehta

Aug 2, 2022, 5:34:42 PM8/2/22
to memcached
Use disk cache through a plugin such as W3 Total Cache. memcached will be slower.
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