Worst results in Gtmetrix

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Rest Tores

Feb 17, 2023, 3:21:50 PM2/17/23
to memcached
Hi everybody,
I installed memcached in my server , and i tested it in a working WP site and i got much more worst results in gtmetrix.
With memcached
Any advice ?
Thank you

Slawomir Pryczek

Feb 17, 2023, 3:41:28 PM2/17/23
to memcached

Hey, what were the results without memcached?

You can try checking this:
- Are the tests done in equal conditions? (cold caches, same load, averages from 10 tests not just single result, etc.)
- Is memcached working and setup properly? Connect via telnet to memcached host/port and try STATS command to see if new items are added/accessed. It may be that something is misconfigured and the connection is timing out.
- Maybe TCP_NODELAY is not enabled in the client? What's loopback's interface MTU? if it's > 1500 try setting to 1500. 
- File max_open_files limit too low? Check file limits, it may be that memcached is timing out waiting for OS handles to free.

In general i think impossible that properly configured client/server could make any php website to work considerably slower.

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