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Nov 2, 2008, 11:13:17 PM11/2/08
to mem-game
How do I remove a theme, and how difficult would it be for me to make
one of my own (or what would I need to know to create one)


Nov 3, 2008, 1:32:48 PM11/3/08
to mem-game
To remove a theme, delete it from the SD card by going to the mem
\themes directory and removing both the folder "ThemeIWantToDelete"
and the file "ThemeIWantToDelete.mem". For example, if I wanted to
delete the Numbers theme and my SD card is drive E on my computer, I
would delete "E:\mem\themes\Numbers" and "E:\mem\themes\Numbers.mem"

To make your own themes:
1. Download
2. Unzip it and replace all the files in there with the files that you
want. Be sure to keep the image sizes the same.
3. If you renamed anything (or if you added something such as using
unique images for the touched version), then edit the .mem file inside
a text editor. It's a very simple xml file - all you need to know is
that your the root directory of your SD card is /sdcard/
4. After you have done that, copy what you made into the mem\themes
directory of your SD card. Make sure your SD card is unmounted from
the computer (or just unplug your G1 from the computer) and try it
out. Tweak as necessary.
5. Share your creation by zipping up the directory and the .mem file
into a single .zip file and uploading it under Files.

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