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Oct 24, 2016, 12:13:02 AM10/24/16
to melonJS - A lightweight HTML5 game engine
ouch, it has been a while since the last release, but here we are with some great stuff !

First of all, lots of improvements have been made since the last version, and especially focusing on the matrix and shape implementation, and related bounding box, transformation. This is not maybe super obvious, but it enables a lots of cool things like body shapes free transformation (with bounding box automatically resizing accordingly), and also free transformation for any renderables (which allows for some more cool stuff like rotating a TMX level easily). Then we have some other great new stuff like finally a proper support for bitmap font (in the sense that we are not limited to fix-size font anymore), a setting to enable sub-pixel rendering, and of course the usual batch of bug fixing.

This new version should be quite stable already, it has been used for a couple of projects already, and no major issues were detected. We also spend a bit of time improving our automatic test units, in order to improve code quality and limit regressions in newer versions.

Last but not least, API changes are minimal (see the upgrade guide), the only reason behind the major version bump being the bitmapfont, as a new font data is now required for the constructor, and thus breaking the previous API compatibility.

More details on the changelog and download links here :

Have fun !

-- the melonJS team

Nov 14, 2016, 9:39:11 PM11/14/16
to melonJS - A lightweight HTML5 game engine
Thanks! Just what I needed for the BitMapFont :)
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